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Oriental Massage

In our center we have oriental massages and treatments where the therapist will invite you to enjoy the most of your session.

Enjoy a sensual and unforgettable experience

With Soul Senses, your new massage center, let yourself be transported to an experience full of nuances, with different intensities and textures. Here you will become aware of all the possibilities offered by our treatments. You will be guided by your therapist, who will take you to a unique level where all your senses will be enhanced. With our oriental massages we encourage you to leave your worries and tensions of daily life at the door and abandon the worldly problems to surrender to a world where only enjoyment and sensuality have a place in its broadest sense

Luxurious sensations

Alma Aromatic

It is a soft and delicate massage movements suitable for those wishing to relax and get away from real life. In this massage natural essential oils are used to balance the body and mind through appropriate scents for each session, and thus provide harmony and wellbeing.

30 minutes 50€
60 minutes 70€
90 minutes 90€

Pindas Herbal

Pindas herbal or ayurvedic, are a natural linen bags from India that are used to treat the body through a specific massage. These can contain inside different medicinal herbs that give off all its properties soaking them in hot oil and pressing the muscles. A delight for the senses. You can not lose this.

60 minutes 70€

Bamboo Teraphy

This Asian massage developed to eliminate the deeper muscle contractures and break the adhesions. almond oil will be applied throughout the body performing a massage with hands and forearms intermediate pressure and energy movements. The therapist will work the whole body starting with the feet, legs, buttocks, back and arms. After the bamboo is used for the massage using bearings and friction to complete treatment.

60 minutes 70€


It is the most sensitive undoubtedly the most exquisite of all massage and, as you discover new ways to stimulate your body, from different and new perspectives. Feels pleasure with a cocoa mousse and cinnamon oil this massage has a nourishing and skin brightener effect, delighting your senses with this Appetizing therapy.

60 minutes 70€

Relaxing Sensations

Pure Relax

Enjoy like never before and lose yourself in our masseuses in a full of magic, relax and pleasure. It is our menu tasting massage, massage includes all intertwined in a harmonious and wonderful way. One hour massage with the best of each specialty for your delight.

60 minutes 70€
90 minutes 90€

Balines Massage

This exotic massage is characterized by dissolution promote relaxation and stress deep tissue through long, slow movements performed with the hands. They are performed accompanied by aromatic essential oils, especially sandalwood, jasmine and sage.

Manual movements, made with medium-high pressure, help improve blood circulation, benefit the functioning of the lymphatic system and regenerate our skin.

60 minutes 70€
90 minutes 90€

Lomi-lomi massage

Lomi lomi-massage is a technique for soothing properties, but is also indicated to prevent and cure certain injuries. A wise global work in the body, thanks to a studied mixture of deep and rhythmic and fluid movements through the fingers grips, hands, forearms and elbows professional, makes his followers worldwide to multiply.

60 minutes 70€
90 minutes 90€

Californian massage

It is a soft masssage muscular level firmes..muy long passes and relaxing massage. The therapist uses his hands not only to realize it but it also used to undo forearms and soften contractures, eliminating possible muscle overload. Suitable for those that carry a significant physical wear their lifestyle.

30 minutes 50€
60 minutes 70€
90 minutes 90€

Reflexology massage

Millenary massage designed to balance the energies of the body and mind thanks to the beneficial and stabilizing process of the pressure, massage and pressure applied to the different parts of the foot, where all the organs and parts of the body are reflected.



Thai massage

Thai massage combines pressure and extension movements of yoga and shiatsu that improve flexibility and promote blood circulation, which affects the overall health of the body.



Sport massage

Sports massage consists of a series of techniques that are carried out as a method of preparing tissues, improving performance and preventing injuries.

€ 50


Lymphatic drainage

The lymphatic drainage is a type of massage, soft and light, that is applied on the circulatory system and whose objective is to mobilize the body’s fluids to favor the elimination of waste substances that accumulate in the liquid that occupies the space between cells

€ 50


Oriental back

Brief massage that manages to relieve tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, reducing stress, improving the blood supply to the brain and providing an immediate sensation of physical and mental well-being.

€ 35


Asian Head

Concentrated massage on the face, scalp and neck, especially indicated to release tensions, balance emotions and relax your expression. It is made with essential oils, which have beneficial properties for body and mind.

€ 35

Beauty treatments and massages


Body Scrub

Our high-efficiency Body Scrub gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells from the skin surface without drying it, so that the skin feels ultra-soft, fresh and prepared for hydration. We have three types of Peelings: Chocolate, Lemon, and Green Tea, formulated with soft exfoliating, natural and emollient particles that enrich the skin. Enjoy our body scrub

€ 50


Body Warp

Natural body treatment that helps restore the dermatological balance of our body. We begin with a cleaning, followed by a toning with Lavender or Roses Hydrolate, then apply a peeling to the letter, and a wrap to treat the skin, are characterized by giving vitality thanks to its remineralizing properties, so that it acts by cleansing and detoxifying the organism.

€ 40

Face Care Massage

Facial treatment dedicated to sensitive skin. We start with a facial cleansing, followed by a toning with Lavender or Manzanilla Hydrolate, then apply a peeling a la carte and a mask to normalize the skin of the face, we will finish with a special massage and intense facial moisturization. Peel off treatment fresh, decongestant and soothing.

€ 50

Massages are a type of treatment completely necessary nowadays, because of the frenetic routine that most people experience. Our rhythm of life leads to high levels of stress and anxiety that, although in many cases, we are not aware, but may end up taking a toll on our health and our well-being.

Oriental massages have become popular in the West during the last decades thanks to the numerous benefits they offer. Thanks to this, it is possible to find these services in centers and premises carried out by authentic professionals, as is the case of our facilities of Massage in Barcelona.

When we talk about oriental massages, we include a wide range of techniques. In our premises, we offer treatments such as the aromatic soul, the herbal pindas, the bambuterapia, the chocolate therapy, the balinese massage, the lomi-lomi, the thai, the reflexology, the asian head, the tantric, etc.

Benefits of oriental massage

In addition to providing a series of interesting benefits for the health and well-being of the person who receives them, oriental massages can be the basis of a new state of mind, a way of living without pain and in harmony with oneself, contributing Advantages such as the following:

  • Relax the muscles. In many occasions, the bad postures, together with stress, cause us to feel annoying muscular pains, which can also cause stiffness and worsen mobility.
  • They relieve pain. They can fight chronic back or joint pains, among others.
  • They improve the appearance of the skin. The oriental massages stimulate the blood circulation of the whole body, which makes the skin become softer, firmer and acquires a greater shine that leaves it radiant.
  • They reduce the levels of anxiety and stress. These oriental treatments work as a powerful activity against the nerves. They are perfect to combat the stress of day to day.
  • They help fight against depression. Massages reduce the levels of the hormone cortisol, which is released in response to stress. They also help to release serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters directly related to depression.
  • They relieve migraines. Not only do they attenuate the discomfort and pain they cause, they also decrease the frequency of appearance.

Who can enjoy oriental massages?

In general, anyone can enjoy this type of massage. However, the masseur should be advised of the existence of diseases such as diabetes or heart-related ailments, as well as the state of pregnancy. In any case, the professional will be responsible for asking this to the patient before carrying out the treatment.

We have the best professionals in the massage sector; Our therapists perform the most exotic and relaxing therapies with which you can achieve a unique state of relaxation.

If you want to make an appointment to try our services, do not hesitate to contact us by phone, sending us an email or filling in the form. We will be happy to assist you.

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